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Booking in for a check-up may seem simple, but in reality lots of things happen in order to determine your prescription for glasses (and contacts if you want them), and to ensure your eyes are healthy.

The tests done are determined by your problems, but we always:

  1. Measure what you can see, with and without your glasses.
  2. Talk to you about your current eye problems, your symptoms, any problems you may have had in the past, any eye surgery or injuries you have had, and your health and family eye history.
  3. Check what lenses are required to make you see your best for long distance.
  4. Check whether you need extra help for close up tasks.
  5. Check how well your eyes work together.
  6. Check your eye health with the microscope.
  7. Take images of your eyes and do scans (at Brighton only).
  8. Discuss with you the results and what options are available.

And all that in 30 minutes!

If you need a checkup, use the contact form to email and I’ll get back to you. Or call the store closest to you and the guys will find a time that works for you.