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As you might imagine, glasses/spectacles are the thing people think of most often when you mention optometry. They come in tens of thousands of styles, size, colours and materials. Some are good, some are great, and some should really go in the bin. Global brands like Prada, Gucci, tiffany and others use spectacle frames or sunglasses as the “gateway” to their range of fashion products. A $400 Prada frame is a little easier to pay for than a $5000 handbag, for example. So if you’re a Prada guy or a Jimmy Choo girl, but can’t quite stretch to the bags or shoes, the frames make you feel part of the in crowd. And they are on your face in plain view!

Independent stores like Brighton or Kooyong tend to have more fashion frames than the big chains, and a more eclectic assortment of styles and colours. Prices, as with everything, depend on what you like.

Pop in store and see the array of stylish frames to see what suits. or go to a chain and get the same as everyone else (if you prefer to be one of the herd).