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A referral is a report to a specialist from an optometrist or general practitioner. We refer people for surgery, for treatment of serious conditions, or for a second opinion.

In every case, we are required by law to see someone and assess their condition before we refer them. Or at least have seen them recently.

Each referral is for a specific person to see a specific doctor, and in Australia is required so you can get Medicare rebates for your visit with the doctor. You can see a specialist without a referral, but you cannot claim Medicare.

Sometimes, you may need to see the specialist doctor on a regular basis for review/follow up visits. You don’t need a new referral for these visits unless you have a new problem. Some doctors request a new referral so they can charge a higher fee, which is kinda cheeky.

If it has been 12 months since your last visit, we will need to see you again. This ensures that the information is up to date. So if you have a scheduled visit booked with your specialist, and they ask for a referral, make sure you book in with us before that visit.