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What if my new glasses feel strange?

Most of the time new glasses are sharp and comfortable.

Sometimes they are clear but feel a little off. This is almost always because the prescription has changed, or the design of the lenses has changed.

Sometimes this is because the frame needs to be fitted correctly to you.

In either case, the feeling is transient, and settles with a bit of time wearing the glasses.

It definitely doesn’t mean the glasses are “wrong”.

Rarely, they feel funny because there was a mistake with the prescription, or the settings of the lenses used. Some lenses are quite complex, and even tiny errors can make a big difference to the final product.

In every case, don’t panic! We all do our best to help you see as well as you can, but sometimes we need to remake the lenses. This is part of the warranty that every new pair of glasses comes with, so any issue can be rectified at no cost. The good news is, any issues like this are rare, and can be fixed.