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Glaucoma is the name for a group of eye diseases related to elevated pressure in your eyes. 

It tends to have few noticeable symptoms, it rarely causes pain or headaches or even poor vision, until it is quite advanced. So, you don’t know you have it until someone checks for it. But it can damage your vision irreversibly if it is not detected and treated early. It can even cause blindness if left too late. 

The tests for glaucoma are mostly part of a full eye test, and include measuring the pressure in your eyes, examining your optic nerves, and doing scans and visual field tests.  

It can run in families, so regular checks are important if a family member has it.  

You can get glaucoma after an eye injury or eye surgery, so regular reviews with your specialist or optometrist afterwards is important too. 

And even if none of this applies to you, if it’s been a couple of years since your last eye check, book yourself in for one. It might just save your sight.