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Dry eye is one of the most common eye conditions, especially over the lockdown/Zoom school era. Typical issues are gritty, irritable eyes, and it can sometimes feel like you have something in your eye, even when you don’t. Redness, wateriness and even blurred vision can also be symptoms.

There are many categories of dry eyes, but luckily many can be managed well with lubricating drops. There are LOTS of lubricating drops, all slightly different, and at varying prices.

The real key to lubricating drops is you need to use them often. imagine if you only filled your car when it ran out of petrol (or electricity for you Elon fans). That’s kind of how your eyes are when they’re dry, and just as it’s easier to fill the car before you have to push it, it’s easier to regularly replenish your tears.

There are also tablets that contain good fats and other components that aim to rebuild your body’s own tear production.