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Contact lenses are a wonderful and safe way to correct your vision, especially for sports and in situations where glasses aren’t ideal.

However, nothing in life is completely safe, and some things we do can increase the risk of things going wrong.

Modern contact lenses are produced in sterile conditions, and remain so until we take them out of the pack. The more we handle them, and the longer we use them, the greater the risk of infection, irritation and poor vision.


1.   Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching the lens or your eye.

2.   Replace the lenses according to your optometrists, and the manufacturers, instructions.

3.  If your lenses are reusable, always rinse the case with fresh solution and let it dry after putting your lenses into your eyes.

4.  Always use fresh solution to store your lenses. And don’t use saline, as it has no disinfectant action, which increases your risk of getting an infection.

5.  Replace the lens case monthly.

6.  Be careful swimming and showering in your lenses, as certain microbes live in water that can cause infections. If you do, remove them and clean them after your swim.

7.  never lick your fingers when putting in and removing your lenses. It’s gross, and our mouths have bugs that can cause really serious infections.

8.  Make sure you have regular checkups, especially if you order your lenses online.

9.  If your eyes are sore, red or irritable, don’t leave it. get a check ASAP. You may have an infection, and waiting will not help it get better. Take your lenses out and get in touch.