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Cataracts are a common eye condition – they mostly happen as a result of someone having lived through a number of revolutions around the Sun. Coincidentally, sunlight (well Ultraviolet light actually) is the major contributing factor.

Cataract is where the natural lens inside your eye (just behind the pupil) gets cloudy. if it gets too cloudy, you can’t see well.

Other things can cause cataracts as well, such as some medications, some congenital conditions, and injuries.

Cataracts can be delayed by wearing sun protection, and being lucky enough to avoid injury or health conditions that contribute to them. But ultimately, surgery is needed to remove them.

Modern cataract surgery removes the cloudy lens and replaces it with a new lens, made from a foldable acrylic material. These amazing devices are less than 7mm across, yet are optical quality, can correct for a huge range of prescriptions, and fold so they can be put in through such a small incision that the surgery can be finished without any stitches.

We have great relationships with highly trained and experienced cataract surgeons in Melbourne, and if it’s time for your cataracts to be removed, we can point you to a great surgeon.