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An Optometrist’s Advice

Professional Optometry Information from the Heart of Melbourne

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Michael has a passion for optometry, and a heart for people. We’ve started this site to provide professional and timely optometry advice from the heart of melbourne for any and all that are interested or in need. Please make use of these resources as you would any information, and reach out with any additional questions.

Good floaters

Good floaters

Almost everyone has floaters. But what are they, these annoying little specks that whiz about in front of our eyes? Well, they are little pieces of condensed material from the gel INSIDE your eye, which is called the vitreous. The vitreous is made of carefully...

Bad floaters

Bad floaters

We talked about good floaters, which are the most common by far. But bad floaters are the ones that are side effects of more serious eye problms. These problems can include a major infection or inflammation in your eye, a retinal tear, or even a serious injury. If you...

Eyes, Contacts and Flying

Eyes, Contacts and Flying

Now that we have been set free from home detention and airlines are slowly (and expensively)restoring flights to all points of the globe, here are some tips to keep your eyes comfortable. Always pack spares. Spare glasses, extra contacts, and solutions if you need...

An Optometrist’s Bio

Michael Targett

Registered Optometrist


Michael graduated from the University of Auckland in 1992, and my first job was at the Auckland Hospital eye department.
In 1993, I moved to Melbourne and have lived and worked in Victoria ever since, mostly in independent optometry practices. I have worked in Brighton for about 16 years, and at Kooyong for 3. They are quite different practices, but both are professional organisations with quality products and highly trained staff.
Optometrists love gadgets, and at Brighton I have some great ones. There will no doubt be a post about them soon.